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It Still Needed More Assembly

I wanted to love the shit out of The Avengers. I wanted it to become the baseline movie that every other comic movie will be compared to and copied from (“it was good, but it wasn’t no Avengers”). Basically, I wanted it … Continue reading

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George Deserved Better

During the weekend I went to catch a screening of Martin Scorsese’s depiction of George Harrison – Living In A Material World. George has always been my favorite Beatle, I’ve admired his unique but alas too rare contributions to the … Continue reading

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50/50 Review: “May I Present… Exhibit Whore”

First things first – fuck cancer. It’s a disease we are nowhere near where we need to be in regards of a cure. And it’s devastating and infuriating. And it makes you wonder what has modern medicine been up to … Continue reading

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Rock Werchter 2011, Day 3 Review

This could also be called “waiting for Coldplay” day, as it seems like that’s what most of the people were doing. PYRAMID MARQUEE 23:15 – 00:45UNDERWORLD 21:40 – 22:40MAGNETIC MAN20:05 – 21:05SELAH SUE 18:35 – 19:35BRIGHT EYES 17:05 – 18:05I … Continue reading

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Rock Werchter 2011, Day 2 Review

It rained all night, so all the drunkards couldn’t make too much noise, turning out great for me since I could actually sleep. I went into town to meet friends who were staying at a hotel and had brunch, so … Continue reading

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Rock Werchter 2011, Day 1 Review

Werchter has the reputation of being Europe’s most organized festival, while having huge but quite well-behaved crowd. This year was no different. Allowing campers to set up their tents the day before, all the bureaucracy of the first day was … Continue reading

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Dylan Delivers

I know. I know I’m part of a minority. I enjoyed tonight’s Dylan concert. And I’m not ashamed to say so. It was shorter than expected (only an hour and a half), but compared to all the prophecies that were … Continue reading

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