Resolutions (What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing)

I hereby proclaim 2012 to be the year I stop buying crap. I’ve always been more of an emotional eater than buyer, but still I do buy quite a lot of useless junk (I didn’t mean you, my trusty laptop, please don’t make a fuss and breakdown now, you’ll only be proving my point) and as income drops, cuts need to be made.

But this is also a deeper, more complicated issue, since materialistic society has driven earth dwellers to a situation that few would argue is better off. Materialism tends to lead to exploitation and depression, as the impulse to always want more becomes embedded in our day to day life.
I already have more than I can chew at the moment: a macbook, an ipod, a smartphone, a desktop computer, countless books and cds, enough clothes to not do laundry for more than three weeks. I think I’m set.

I’m gonna try and instead of having a 30 day challenge, which will inevitably be followed with extreme shopping at the mall, to actively change my lifestyle. No buying of anything that is not imperatively needed. I’ll try to make whatever I own work and to be a better consumer. Scratch that, from now on I cease to be defined as a consumer.

I wonder how long this will last.

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6 Responses to Resolutions (What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing)

  1. Khan says:

    Want to be less materialistic?? Start giving stuff away.

    • hadarw says:

      Is there something of mine you’d like to have since you’re making this suggestion?

      • Khan says:

        Don’t give stuff to ME… but just give them away. I can think of two examples: one is the ipod you mentioned – I maintain that with an SGS2 and a potent 3G connection – you can give up the ipod.
        The second is your CD collection. You can give it up too (for more or less the same reason).
        You can give them. You can sell them. The end result should be the same – to free yourself from stuff.

        If you want to take a more practical step further – try to figure out a way to encourage collaborative consumption in your own small pool of friends (

      • Khan says:

        When I say “small” I of course mean relatively to the internets…

  2. Khan says:

    So, re: resolutions: would buying a “Fight Club” poster due to a free shipping sale be considered ironic or meta-ironic?

    • hadarw says:

      A. it’s meta-ironic
      B. in the end I didn’t buy a thing, since I realized I don’t really need any of it. My walls are barren, but as long as it’s not me permanent home – I do not care.

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