Taking A Stand

This summer we experienced a social waking-up, I’m afraid the winter has put us into deep slumber again. Prices haven’t really dropped – 2 shekels less on cottage cheese doesn’t really add up to as much as people thought it would. Weird laws keep popping up like mushrooms after the rain, like an attempt to make electricity Kosher or restricting

mosques from operating their muezzin call or limiting journalistic freedom. These do seem to add up. We’re becoming a country that no longer appreciates its democracy, who’d rather trample on people’s rights than try to restrain fringe elements. I was shocked when a member of parliament didn’t feel ashamed to be advocating McCarthyism (the term for reckless, unsubstantiated accusations? That McCarthyism?). All the while, citizens, who apparently should not be called terrorists, are terrorizing not only the Arab community, or leftist activists, but also high ranking uniform wearers.
It feels as is it’s all going to hell.

Up until now I’ve felt more preoccupied with my personal plights than with the need to occupy Rothschild. But this week I’ve found myself making a step towards regaining my voice. Why do people, who don’t represent my peers and me, determine the environment where I’ll raise my children? Why should the extremists or populists govern?

The system of our politics has created a situation in which the few rule the many. If you register to a major party, you get to select the people from whom the rest of the country chooses its delegates. That basically means that our votes count as less. That if a few thousand people get together they can put a candidate in a viable spot, come next election. That’s how most of the nut-jobs currently on government payroll got there. So why not have our own “nut-job”? Why not finally use the system to get people who are not raging fascists, proclaiming to be patriots, into the Knesset?
The buck stops here.

In a year and a half the strongest party in Israel, the Likud, is going to hold its primary election. It’s probable that the first 20 elected will actually serve a term in parliament. Instead of having the “honorable” Akunis and his likes elected again, let’s show how idiotic the current system is.

Gil Kidron is doing just that. He’s running with the hopes of being the first ever left-winged candidate in the Likud’s list (It all seems very Stephen Colbert). He vows, if he’s ever elected, to uphold the principles of democracy and social equality. Nothing more, nothing less – that is to say, just right. You can register (here) for 64 shekels a year and buy yourself a second vote in the upcoming election. 64 shekels and you get to flip the bird to all the people who are threatening the fabric our democracy. It seems like a fair price.

Election reform has to take place, until that happens, if the system is f**ked – perhaps it’s time to f**k the system.

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