I’m smiling as I’m writing this. I’ve been smiling since 13:15 today. No, I haven’t been looking at pictures of kittens. It’s all because of Jason Segel’s wonderful endeavor to revive The Muppets franchise, which, ever since the passing of Jim Henson has not been faring well. This cameo-filled film is the best thing to come out of Disney in a long time (yes, Disney bought the Muppets – that explains a few things, doesn’t it?).

Starring Segel and fellow lover of singing Amy Adams, with a brand new muppet alongside named Walter – the film taps into your inner child while not coming off as childish. It portrays the trio’s journey to get The Muppets back together and performing in order to save their Muppets’ theater. There’s not much of a plot, but there’s plenty of heart. You could feel the love in every screenshot, the sheer joy emitting from the screen, reaching out and grabbing you – and no 3-D, thank god.

It’s infectious. You can’t help but feeling optimistic walking out of watching 103 minutes of this.

Big kudos should go to Bret McKenzie, half of Flight of the Conchords, for doing a tremendous job with the music. Characters bursting into song is not a territory without its pitfalls. The movie appears to have mastered that art perfectly.

People in Israel haven’t really grown up with The Muppets, and you could feel they were enjoying Jim Parson (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) popping up more than they enjoyed Kermit and the gang singing Rainbow Connection. And that’s more than OK, because kids nowadays, as the movie states, don’t even know who The Muppets are. Hopefully this film will lead them on a quest to find out.

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One Response to Cute-Overload

  1. Khan says:

    So how about seeing-it-for-free-with-all-your-buddies experience?

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