The Way Things Are

I’ve been listening to Adele’s sophomore attempt 21. I know I’m a few months late to the party, this incredible I’m woman-hear-me-roar-pity-party. She has an amazing voice and a capability to emote that is undeniable. And yet, something is off. /* Beginning of Rant */ In half of the songs she portrays a strong woman, but in some, it seems she defines herself strictly by her love to a man. And I know that you can explain this by the constant struggle every person goes through – trying to be self-reliant, but at the end of a day wanting to have someone to share your thoughts and your hugs with you – but it bothered me.

I remembered sitting at a friend’s house in high-school, listening to When The Pawn…, another stupendous sophomore album from an even greater artist, Fiona Apple. My friend was aggravated and said something that resonates with me till this day – why does such a powerful persona seem to only sing about boys? No matter how complicated the metaphors are; they all lead to the wanting, needing, having or loss of love. Ever since, every time I hear a record, I try to see if this rule upholds. It usually does.

I’m not a raging feminist, but it really does raise some concern when the majority of female artists’ back-catalogs are so “one track mind” (except for Miley Cyrus’s new song supporting occupy wall-street, that’s obviously a true anthem). And I don’t think you can honestly say it goes to the same extent with male singer-songwriters.

I don’t think it diminishes their accomplishments; it just makes me wish they won’t stay on message so much. /* End of Rant */
Basically I wrote this entire post just so I could share the following video of an SNL sketch, that just like their other sketches in the last decade goes on for too long, and hits the nail on the head a few too many times. But it’s funny in parts, features the wonderful Emma Stone and anyone who has heard Someone Like You alone can relate to this:

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8 Responses to The Way Things Are

  1. Khan says:

    +1 for the fish on the bicycle.

  2. Eyal says:

    Did you notice that your “Begining of rant” and “End of rant” is like programming comments?

  3. Khan says:

    i give up

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