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Easily Overlooked

Aside from toppling dictators and civilian uprising, 2011 managed to produce a few good things that seemed to have escaped the public’s eye. Some are large scale ones, and some effected just one person, all very uplifting. So in case … Continue reading

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Best of “Things” of 2011

The year that is coming to an end, hasn’t been the best one on the macro level – totalitarian regimes shooting at their own civilians, markets collapsing, democracy slipping out of our fingers, the Kardashians. But still, there were a … Continue reading

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Taking A Stand

This summer we experienced a social waking-up, I’m afraid the winter has put us into deep slumber again. Prices haven’t really dropped – 2 shekels less on cottage cheese doesn’t really add up to as much as people thought it would. Weird … Continue reading

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I’m smiling as I’m writing this. I’ve been smiling since 13:15 today. No, I haven’t been looking at pictures of kittens. It’s all because of Jason Segel’s wonderful endeavor to revive The Muppets franchise, which, ever since the passing of Jim … Continue reading

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The Way Things Are

I’ve been listening to Adele’s sophomore attempt 21. I know I’m a few months late to the party, this incredible I’m woman-hear-me-roar-pity-party. She has an amazing voice and a capability to emote that is undeniable. And yet, something is off. … Continue reading

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