The Revolution Will Not Be Merchandised – A Call to Funds

We’re in a boycott frenzy. Every person with a facebook account and a knack to have his name written in the paper has been telling me what not to do this upcoming holiday season. Don’t buy that brand, don’t buy in that store, don’t send text messages. Don’t poop where you eat.

The Israeli public has learnt that boycotting works (a couple hundred years late to the party I’m afraid) and is determined to apply it in every possible aspect of day to day life.

Well. Fuck that. I’m not a toy to be used for your personal gain. My actions shouldn’t be frowned upon just because I don’t join you and your friends in your arbitrary, two-beers-in-last-night-this-sounded-like-a-good-idea, cause. Where do you get off standing in the dairy aisle raising your unibrow at me for buying cottage cheese that is on sale?

Why doesn’t anyone protest against something that isn’t burning a hole in their pocket? I know I’ve said it before – but if all the people who are so adamant I refrain from texting my friends to say happy new year next week, actually put all that effort into making sure some poor holocaust survivor who lives off the measly monthly social security check gets to have something in the fridge, let alone a festive dinner on Rosh Hashana, I wouldn’t be feeling like the fabrics of society are crumbling.

So, these coming weeks – try to think less about the money you spend on goods and services and more about the people that surround you.

Here’s a list of a few NGOs, if you feel like actions speak louder than words:

and of course there’s, which, as the name suggests, rounds up each and every one of your credit card purchases and donates the sum to the charities of your choice (a little goes a long way).

Happy New Year everyone. May this coming year be filled with acts of kindness.

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One Response to The Revolution Will Not Be Merchandised – A Call to Funds

  1. Khan says:

    1! I was waiting to see if you would mention round up…
    Also, the whole SMS idea is so silly it always sounded to me like a hoax. Of course you shouldn’t SMS people on holidays! You should call them! (For meaningless text congratulations we have Facebook)

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