Replacing Food with Books

My 30 days of trying to avoid eating out are over. Mildly successfully.
I’m afraid to say there were two occasions in which I’ve diverted from my original plan:

  1. The first time was a Friday, after a gruesome Math class that started at 8 am, the bf said he’s broken his glasses and therefore I had to accompany him to the mall to pick out new ones (after all, I’ll have to look at him wearing them). Thus it was suddenly 3pm, I haven’t eaten a single thing all day and there was nothing waiting in the fridge at home. So I’ve succumbed to the demon inside and bought a baked potato with topping.
  2. A quinoa salad last Thursday. For no apparent reason other than it was lunch time and I was with a friend at a café.

If you consider the fact that I’m at home full time, it’s not such a bad track record (3 meals in 30 days – the aforementioned and a birthday dinner which was well worth the money and the calories, and may I remind you, was a planned indiscretion from the get-go). I cooked some new recipes, learned how to abstain when going out and mostly realized how important it is to plan my day so I won’t have to rely on buying something I can make at home.

So now I’m ready to begin a new challenge. And since I already know the next month is set to include a math test, 2 weddings, 3 holidays, and a 4-day vacation to a spa; I think it’s fair to say I shouldn’t be aiming too high with the next one.
I hereby offer you the reasoning behind my new challenge:

I’m a lover of books, or maybe I should say – of buying books. I have a tendency to buy a few books at a time, put them on the shelf and forget about them. Every once in a while I steal a glance towards my bookcase and feel the disappointed and admonishing glare of the books I have neglected – some of whom I’ve begun but abandoned for one reason or another and some I’ve honestly never even skimmed through.

I’m reminded of Italo Calvino’s first chapter of “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler… therein he writes of a person, the reader, entering a bookshop [bear with me, please]:

“In the shop window you have promptly identified the cover with the title you were looking for. Following this visual trail, you have forced your way through the shop past the thick barricade of Books You Haven’t Read, which were frowning at you from the tables and shelves, trying to cow you. But you know you must never allow yourself to be awed, that among them there extend for acres and acres the Books You Needn’t Read, the Books Made For Purposes Other ThanReading, Books Read Even Before You Open Them Since They Belong To The Category Of Books Read Before Being Written. And thus you pass the outer girdle of ramparts, but then you are attacked by the infantry of the Books That If You Had More Than One Life You Would Certainly Also Read But Unfortunately Your Days Are Numbered. With a rapid maneuver you bypass them and move into the phalanxes of the Books You Mean To Read But There Are Others You Must Read First, the Books Too Expensive Now And You’ll Wait Till They’re Remaindered, the Books ditto When They Come Out In Paperback, Books You Can Borrow From Somebody, Books That Everybody’s Read So It’s As If You Had Read Them, Too. Eluding these assaults, you come up beneath the towers of the fortress, where other troops are holding out:
the Books You’ve Been Planning To Read For Ages,
the Books You’ve Been Hunting For Years Without Success,
the Books Dealing With Something You’re Working On At The Moment,
the Books You Want To Own So They’ll Be Handy Just In Case,
the Books You Could Put Aside Maybe To Read This Summer,
the Books You Need To Go With Other Books On Your Shelves,
the Books That Fill You With Sudden, Inexplicable Curiosity, Not Easily Justified.
…. the Books Read Long Ago Which It’s Now Time To Reread and the Books You’ve Always Pretended To Have Read And Now It’s Time To Sit Down And Really Read Them.”

That last one always gets to me. So I’ve decided it is time to sit down and really read all those deserted books I have lying around. Therefore, my next 30 Day Challenge is to read 50 pages (or more) a day, thus achieving a total of (at least) 1500 pages in a month.
Seems doable.

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3 Responses to Replacing Food with Books

  1. זהר says:

    Your challenge is crazy. Reading is for fun, don’t force it upon yourself.
    Having said that, if you need more books i have some lying around 🙂

  2. hadarw says:

    I’m not forcing myself to read anything I don’t like. Have no fear – if a book seems crappy, I’ll leave it.

  3. Yuval Regev says:

    Funny how this picturesque journey is now substituted with several clicks on Amazon 🙂
    Very educative and I’m sure the holidays (OK OK, and being at home on workdays either) will leave you enough time to accomplish it. Good Luck 😀

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