Frustration and Procrastination

I have no job. For the first time in my life I’ve had to look for a job and hand in CVs and get rejected. And boy, it ain’t fun. I’m attributing my unsuccessfulness to the fact that I’m looking for a part time job that is not brain-numbing.

In the meantime, rent is still due and bills need to be paid – not claiming that I’m broke but I’m definitely dipping into my savings more than I’d like to. It seems like there are two choices: apply for jobs that I’m way too over-qualified to do (secretarial and such) or continue searching in hopes of finding a tailor-made position.

You would think that sitting on your ass all day doing nothing is great, but let me tell you, it gets old. At a certain point you’ve watched Edgar Wright’s entire IMDb listing and you’re well on your way to watch all QI episodes, and then you realize – you’re wasting your life. It’s a laugh and giggle way to waste it, but it’s still not getting you anywhere closer to where you want to be [but you do know tons more useless information – e.g the earth has 5 moons, or that in the 15th century boys and girls were called knave girls and gay girls, respectively].

In the meantime I’m neglecting what I ought to be doing, that is my insurmountable amount of homework for my summer semester. If there is a devil, I’m sure that a semester in the summertime is his doing.

Yes, this is a whining post. I’m sorry. I’m not in the best of moods.

Although I did hand in a trial test for a company I’m interviewing at, and hopefully it’ll work out and I’ll go back to being a contributing member of society.

Till then I’ll be finding out how you can weigh your own head (without decapitating yourself) and what’s the longest recorded flight of a chicken… God bless you Stephen Fry.

I know he says two, just keep on watching:

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3 Responses to Frustration and Procrastination

  1. Khan says:

    Two thumbs up, a like and a +1 for proper quote of Douglas Adams on telelvision.

  2. זהר says:

    you can take a class that would help you deal with procrastination.

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