Just had to…

I wanted to post another review of Werchter festival, and that might still happen later on in the evening, but I just had to, as my boyfriend would say, file a complaint.

Rewardy, the same app I was raving on about not two months ago, is an epic fail. At some point it has decided that I can no longer login, and has become completely useless. Not to mention the fact that I had already had quite a significant number of “stamps” and was probably eligible for free ice-cream [in our current climate conditions, that’s worth a lot].

I had tried to reset my password, but the app kept claiming there was an “unknown error”, and that I should “try again in a few minutes”. I tried after a few minutes, hours, days, weeks later. Nothing worked. Even uninstalling, downloading it again and re-installing didn’t help.

Therefore, I’m retracting what I had said before. Don’t download rewardy. It’s crap.

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2 Responses to Just had to…

  1. Yregev says:

    “unknown error…” pff, right…

  2. Eyal B. says:

    Hi there,

    I came across your post (a bit late I guess :)), and I would be glad to get in touch and help you overcome the problem you have encountered.

    Sorry you had this inconvenience, but I trust we will resolve it in no time (please email us to support AT rewardy.com

    Best regards,


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