Here It Goes Again…*

This Thursday my first semester back at Tel-Aviv University is coming to an end. I feel tempted to add: not with a bang but with a whimper. I had to join B.A. students in mandatory economics classes (Micro, Macro, Econometrics – you know, all the good stuff) in order to be able to start my M.A. degree next year.  20 hours a week of classes plus its fair share of hours of homework and reviewing the material.

With its end comes, of course, everyone’s favorite aspect of education – tests.  The economics department is in the business of standardizing its students’ test scores, so as to set the average grade in each course to 80. This could be either good news (if you’re an above average student, you fall in the right side of the bell curve capitalizing on others’ misfortune) or it could be bad news (in the sense that professors feel legitimized to give tougher and tougher exams).

To enter the M.A program I need to achieve a minimum of an 87.5 average and not have a grade under 80.

So wish me luck everyone. Gonna be a bit AWOL the next few weeks. Hope to have a smile on my face when it’s all over and done with. I’m more than guaranteeing said smile with a flight to Amsterdam and Rock Werchter the night of my final exam.

*Any excuse to showcase OK Go’s copycat-inducing video is good enough for me.

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One Response to Here It Goes Again…*

  1. YuvalR says:

    Good luck with the exams!! And getting that grades you need!

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