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Dylan Delivers

I know. I know I’m part of a minority. I enjoyed tonight’s Dylan concert. And I’m not ashamed to say so. It was shorter than expected (only an hour and a half), but compared to all the prophecies that were … Continue reading

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My Little Experiment Is Done

It’s been approximately two months since I’ve decided to go on a gluten-free diet. And boy, those two months were not easy. My main goal was to see whether it affected the absorption of vitamins and minerals in my system, … Continue reading

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Here It Goes Again…*

This Thursday my first semester back at Tel-Aviv University is coming to an end. I feel tempted to add: not with a bang but with a whimper. I had to join B.A. students in mandatory economics classes (Micro, Macro, Econometrics … Continue reading

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Really? They’re remaking THAT?

With David Fincher’s venture to remake The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo**, I am again tempted to ask – why does every foreign film that makes a few bucks or becomes a critical success or is just made, automatically receives … Continue reading

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