The (Beastie) Boys Are Back In Town

With Bob Dylan coming to Israel this summer, the Beastie Boys are the only band left my 15 year old self would pay her entire year’s allowance to see. The funny thing is, so will my 27 year old self.

Beastie Boys are a monolith. Even though they hadn’t had a new record in almost 7 years (not counting the completely instrumental The Mix Up) they haven’t become anachronistic. Their new album – Hot Sauce Committee Pt. II – features the boys in top form. The sound is fresh, tight, lively and none of it feels forced. It’s evolution. Which is what the Beastie Boys are all about. Transforming their sound while staying true to themselves.

Anyone who listens to Licensed To Ill (that came out in 1986 – I was two years old, damn I’m old), what is essentially a punk rock rap album (the only one of its kind, that I know of), will find the same basic thing the boys are bringing in Hot Sauce.

Fun. Unadulterated F-U-N.

If back then they wanted you to Fight For Your Right (to party) all they’re asking you to do now is Make Some Noise. If you’re not nodding your head while listening to this album, you really need to take some prozac.

Since the “clean”version of the album has leaked, the band decided they’d “retaliate” by streaming the explicit version on their site. Always were a class act.

I’m guessing I’m not the only person jazzed by the fact Beastie Boys are back on the scene with this album, since along with it there was a 30-minute video released featuring a star-studded cast: Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Susan Sarandon and Elijah Wood to name a few. It’s as bizarre and wonderful as the album. Believe me, you want to watch it.

Calling something as modern as Hot Sauce nostalgic seems wrong. But on second thought, it sums it up perfectly. It makes you remember the first time you heard So What’cha Want and helps you realize that no matter what happens in life, the boys are still here. Making amazing music.

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