An Unlikely Purchase and A Rec

You know what I never thought I’d buy from e-bay? A stirling engine. Don‎’t be shy, I didn’t know what it was till my boyfriend came up to me and asked me to order him one.
At first, I didn’t ask too many questions, but when I saw that it costs 130 dollars the question that arose was: what the hell is this and why is it so damn expensive?

So, for all the normal people in the audience – a stirling engine converts heat energy to mechanic work in environments that have different temperature levels [my boyfriend would be so proud, I only checked wiki once to make sure that’s true].

Since I can’t say no when asked politely, or repeatedly, I bought it.

Apparently, the specific one I was asked to purchase is a miniature and comes disassembled. 130 dollars and it’s not even put together? A good engineer (i.e my boyfriend, make that an extraordinary engineer) will tell you that that is the best part. Getting to sit at home in front of an elaborate presentation that explains in waaay too much detail how to build one yourself while being told excessively not to touch it cause it will get dirty and then it won’t work. Excellent fun (And on a Friday night nonetheless). Yes, I am being sarcastic.

So now we have a stirling engine. And to be honest, it is kind of cool. You put it on a hot (or cold) surface, preferably a glass full of boiling water (or ice) and it starts spinning. Our model is also a solar one – so if you put it on the porch it spins pretty fast. The bf likes to demonstrate it using body heat, you put it on your palm, and thirty seconds later it rotates. Here’s a video the company that makes them uploaded:

Is it worth 130 dollars? I don’t think so. But making my boyfriend happy was worth it. Mushy, but true.

And now the Rec I promised. That is a recommendation, to watch Parks & Recreation. A documentary styled comedy, starring Amy Poehler – who you might know from Saturday Night Live. It started off a bit shaky with a short six episode first season, which wasn’t something to write home about. But now the series is on its third season and has grown up to be some amazingly funny television. The sit in your home alone and still laugh out loud kind of funny. So please, endure the wobbly beginning and 2 hours later you’ll be glad you did.
Here’s a promo they did this year, no spoilers, just funny people:

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