Gearing Up For Werchter: Round II

Friday afternoon at Werchter – a festival I’m going to at the end of June, for those of you just tuning in [first post here] – offers a choice I’m not sure I’m willing to make  I, at first, didn’t think I want to make.
On the one hand, My Chemical Romance coming in as a replacement for The Noisettes (who cancelled and I did want to see – thank you Powers That Be). I know Chemical as the emo band that wants to be taken seriously, but I can’t help but ignore their attempts and call them ridiculous. Glee covered one of their songs and actually made it better, which almost never happens. Here is the original:

The only thing I can see going for them is that Glenn Beck called that song “propaganda”. [That guy can’t even decide whether he loves the song or if he’s terrified by it. Such a joke. He just broadcasted a radio show from Jerusalem, so watch out, he might be sitting next to you in a coffee shop. If so, punch him for me please. Also, if you’ve never seen Jon Stewart impression of Beck – you’re in for a treat]

So what’s playing at the smaller stage at the same time? Lissie. Werchter’s website claims her music is “stalwart folk”. Is that an endorsement? I had to look “stalwart” up in the dictionary to find out:

stal·wart (adj)
– marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind, or spirit.

My interest was piqued. So a short youtube search yielded this:
She seems genuine, not ground breaking or inspired but surely something I’m willing to hear for an hour. She’s a newcomer so I’m guessing the set is bound to include a few covers. And she sounds decent live, which I certainly can’t vouch for with My Chemical Romance.

So Round II goes to: Lissie, with a landslide win.

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2 Responses to Gearing Up For Werchter: Round II

  1. Hannan says:

    Nice take on the stormtroopers theme. I think you better go to the big stage, surely it will be a bigger & better show. Lissie sounds as bland as her hair.

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