Giving You Your Reward(y)

You know those “Buy 9 Get 1 Free” cards? The ones you get at every coffee shop in town, stick in your wallet, but can’t actually find when you visit that coffee shop again? Those. Somebody finally made an app that makes this problem disappear.
It’s called Rewardy and it’s available for Iphone, Android and Blackberry users. The app currently has business in the US, the Netherlands and Israel.

The premise is simple. Instead of getting a paper stamping card, the app constitutes as an electronic one. When you’re at a shop that works with the app, you open the app, select the relevant card and hand your device to the salesperson who will “stamp” it by entering a code.

This is probably the point of failure of the procedure. Handing over my phone, that’s kind of risky – but I guess I could live with that. But the fact that the salesperson has to enter the code, that’s a major loophole. Let’s say you’re a scooper at Vaniglia (god bless their halva ice cream), you can just tell all your friends what the code is, and viola – free ice cream!

Other than that, I think it’s brilliant. No more useless paper cards clogging my purse, so it’s good for the environment; The companies benefit from free advertising, since every time I get a card stamped it can publish that to my Facebook or Twitter account; And most important of all, I get free stuff with no hassle. Cause who here among us leaves his house without his\her phone? You simply don’t.

What’s left is to find out which businesses use the app. I guess, if you’re picky, that’s the second downfall. I could not for the life of me find a mention of stamp cards available on the web.
So, the list I have so far: Valentino (chocolatier), Vaniglia, Agadir, 70 Pilim and Olive.
If anyone finds out more, do tell.

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6 Responses to Giving You Your Reward(y)

  1. Hannan says:

    I’ve tried using it yesterday in Vaniglia @the Tahana. Funnily enough, they claimed it just doesn’t work and didn’t want to stamp my new virtual card, despite having an ad for Rewardy right there on the counter. Lame.

    • hadarw says:

      For starters, the Tahana in itself is lame. So it’s no wonder the Vaniglia there got tinted with lameness too.
      Did you talk to anyone besides the teenager-scooper? I’m guessing he\she just didn’t want to be bothered – since I’ve had my loyalty card stamped by them a week ago, while you were standing right next to me.

      • Hannan says:

        No, actually the tween went for consultation with the shift manager on duty before refusing to stamp…
        Who wants to be loyal to a single ice cream shop anyway…

      • hadarw says:

        I’ve used the app in a few other places (Tamara, The Streets) and they all cooperated. I’m guessing, again, that’s it’s the damn Tahana.

  2. Stas says:

    NFC will solve the issue of manually entering the code and hand in your phone.
    What do you think about another way to confirm your visit to cafe by face recognition. The girl at the cafe will point her smartphone on you, and you will automatically get your “stamp”…even if you forgot your phone.
    What do you think?

    • Hannan says:

      Why don’t we go ahead and ask for a fingerprint? Or a DNA sample? Why not sniff out pheromones automagically as we enter the shop, and suggest the ice cream tastes that better suit our current moods?
      Simple problems should have simple solutions. ID by means of payment would be enough. If you paid for your ice cream with PayPal or Google checkout, all the “stamping” can be done transparently on the web.

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