Finding Out You’re an Idiot

I’m sitting at my Friday Morning Cafè (Hatachtit on Lincoln St., and while we’re on the subject, why does Lincoln have a street named after him in Tel Aviv? weird), very proud of myself for not ordering the Breakfast that comes with a never-ending bread basket, or the Gouda toast, since I’m on a gluten free diet. I glance at the menu, realize I’m doomed to have a salad, and since I didn’t want something bland, I opted for the Burghul.
Midway through the salad (that also included lentils, apples, cranberries, cucumbers, mint and yogurt on the side) I ask my lovely companion: “What is Burghul?”.
“Some sort of wheat”, she says.
And then I swallowed my pride, along with the rest of the salad.
If I knew the morning will consist of me breaking my diet rules – I would have definitely had the toast.

So today’s lesson is: Don’t assume you know everything.

And you know what day it is, so I had to share this clip of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon rehearsing for their epic performance of the infamous song:

Enjoy the weekend!

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