A No Shit Sherlock

Never thought the day will come in which I claim Robert Downey Junior does not do a part justice. The man is brilliant. Smart, sarcastic, sexy and a bit slutty.
But then came Sherlock Holmes. Although Law and RDJ had quite a good interaction, they frankly made the movie into a bromance more than anything else. I was content with the film, but not overwhelmed.

That is why I was delighted when I found out about the BBC’s re-imagining of Sherlock.

The plot takes place in 21st century London. Holmes still resides on Baker St. with Watson as his flatmate, but most everything else has changed. Watson (played by Martin Freeman, best known for playing Arthur Dent in Hitchiker’s Guide…) is an Afghanistan war veteran trying to readjust to civilian life. Whereas, Sherlock is a puzzle-addict “helping” the police, consulting pro-bono, and has thrown away the pipe for some nicotine patches.
The beauty of the show is that it does not throw us into a well-oiled-detective machine. In the beginning Sherlock and Watson don’t even know each other. We get to come along for the entire ride.

I would suspect some Conan-Doyle fans are outraged by the transformation. I think it’s done in a believable and is as-much-as-possible true to the canon characters. Of course it does helps that at the helm is Steven Moffat, of Doctor Who resurrection fame and Giggle-Loop inventor***.
I watched all the episodes so far and I can honestly say I’m excited for what’s about to come. Shame we have to wait till November.

 Oh, and I haven’t mentioned the most wonderful part of all, the actor playing Sherlock is named Benedict Cumberbatch. I kid you not. Cumber-batch. Saying that puts a smile on my face.

*** If you don’t know what a Giggle-Loop is:
But I warn you… To know about the Giggle-Loop is to become part of the Giggle-Loop.

And on a complete side-note, I am attaching this video:

If anyone can tell me what this is, please let me know.

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