Going Gluten-Free

As a person who has been over-weight for most of my life I’ve been on a diet for possibly forever. You get accustomed to not eating what you want. Even though I tend to stick to the golden rule: you can eat anything you want, not everything you want.

It was suggested to me by some dear friends to switch to a gluten-free diet in order to better my body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals. So, after a quick fact checking expedition on the web (it seems my friends are correct), I’ve been avoiding all wheat and similar products for almost two weeks now.
Ok, there was a pint of Guinness on Saturday, but I swear that is it.

What I quickly discovered is that in our abundant society it’s not difficult to find a substitute for the products you’re used to eating. Notice I wrote substitute, and not good substitute.
Pasta is easy (there are rice or corn-based ones). Chocolate is GF to begin with. So is ice-cream. The problem is bread, or any pastry for that matter. The GF ones just don’t cut it.

Seriously, what are you supposed to eat at breakfast once you take away cereals and bread? I’ve been trying the muesli-free-muesli, i.e. yogurt with fruit. It’s just not the same. I’m afraid this will be the demise of my current diet.
That and quite possibly the Guinness.

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3 Responses to Going Gluten-Free

  1. Leeya says:

    So you have a blog? Well welcome to blogging.
    A word of advice – a good way to get readers is to sign your name with your blog address when you comment on other blogs.


  2. זהר says:

    אם כבר מדברים על דיאטות, בימים שאת מתאמנת את מרשה לעצמך להשלים את הקלוריות ש״שרפת״? אני בהתלבטות עם העניין הזה. זה מה שעשיתי עד עכשיו ופתאום אני תוהה אם סתם אכלתי יותר מדיי. רוצה שאני אתחיל לחפש לך אוכל ללא גלוטן?

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